Benin is actually launching the activities of Africa Gastronomique with the Fondation cuisine mon enfants, which went to Yumi Public School in Cotonou, Benin.
Welcome Chef Dansi
Representing the Africa Gastronomic project in Benin bring the image of Africa Gastronomique to the children of the foundation to present the benefits of traditional Beninese meals and hygiene before eating meals.
The science was appreciated by the coaches and students who attended this much attention and listened to everything the chef welcome them share this day how to instructions on traditional meals and the benefits of our ancestral meal.
The association Africa Gastronomique soon will organize a meeting with partners of the local products of hotel structures and professionals of African gastronomy. At the end of this month of January 2019, Africa Gastronomique announces that you have reconquered five more countries in the project.
So Senegal Burkina Faso Tanzania Zimbabwe. And Mali

we are pleased to announce that Africa Gastronomique is currently represented in 20 African countries.