Africa Gastronomique is a food  organization where you get the opportunity to get nice traditional meals from Africa.


Is to help Africans discover and easily have access to their traditional meals.

To develop African traditional receipts.

Africa Gastronomique



Africa Gastronomic connects Africans to Africa receipts of different countries. We are want to re-wake our traditional meals to make them have international standards by preserving our culture and making it taste more delicious. Health is a viral aspect in our living, as such we want to make African have the possibility to get a good meal at an affordable price. Today, with Africa Gastronomic, you can feed a family of 6 with a nice prepared receipt at an affordable price. Where ever you are, from north to south, west to east, discover and prepare African meals at your home. We are right now at 13 countries in Africa planning to be at 23 next year with headquarters in Buea, Cameroon. Our potential partners are passionate people acting in the food industry who wich to revolutionize the African traditional meals.
Today accounting to 20 partners.

How it works?

  1. You contact us on one of our platforms (facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatsapp, website).
  2. You select the country of your desired meal.
  3. You choose the receipt you wish.
  4. You pay and that’s it! You’re done.



We created Africa Gastronomic because of the lack of knowledge and negligence of the African meals which is our pride and our riches.


Our Services

Access to food receipts

To access our recipes is possible only if you have a personal count to Africa Gastronomique

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Africa Gastronomique gets along well to train housekeepers on small techniques …

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Catering service

Africa Gastronomique is embarking on a great opportunity of catering service on the international standard and African gastronomy as the…

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Given the united ideas and leadership experiences on this organization this organization gourmet restaurant offers you a consulting firm in the hotel …

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Africa Gastronomique would offer you seminars and training for professionals…

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All the services

We offer you a multitude of services. Find them by clicking on button learn more

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