Africa Gastronomoque gives you an appointment on June 6 in Cameroon at the Royal Hotel bonabéri for the presentation of the project Africa Gastronomique.
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The theme :
   » African gastronomy what vision For the development of the continent  »
1.Africa Gastronomique project with its services

2. Africa Gastronomic Foundation Mother and children who is a nephew qualifier and social.

3.Africa Gastronomic association which gathers the professionals the associations the amateurs of Gastronomy it is passionate of the African gastronomy.

This meeting will be a table of exchange between partners of various forms who has just in the project
The planters the farmers the professionals of the Gastronomic the promoters of the hotel restaurant hotel structures the producers or transformers of the food products the regulator of the shops in the supermarket of the local products of Cameroon and finally the producers of the kitchen appliances
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be a partner at this event
do not forget african gastronomic it’s our african cuisine the revolution of african gastronomy