I was born in the 80s almost 31 years ago. After my studies I decided to move on to hospitality and catering, so I ask as a kitchen porter in a restaurant and that was how it all started. For 6 years I have been working in the best restaurants you can think of in Ghana and I have been the leader of a group leader and a chef in the industry for 3 years. I did an Arabian cuisine for 2 years and I also do an American cuisine. At the moment I’m doing Cuban cooking that is almost similar to African cooking. I am currently working at the small restaurant Havana as the group’s chef. I have been with Africa-gastronomic for some time now both international and continental and I would love to be on the project to offer the best of myself to rewrite the history of African cuisine,

Thank you, Richland Chef Nii Yemo Odoi.