Born in Cotonou in the Republic of Benin in 1988, I feed myself as a chef of my family’s love for products and the land. I discovered very early my vocation as a cook and it is this job of revealing ingredients that I use in the service of taste and which guides me through a sublime adventure that I continue to write today. At the heart of my cooking, I place the ingredient. This ingredient that we cultivate, that we choose with care, and that we work with technology, control and envy. Because for me, that’s the job of a cook: choosing good and good products, baking, cutting and seasoning them to showcase them.

After my primary and secondary studies; he starts his career in the hotel and restaurant industry with training and internships. After 9 years of experience especially in African, European, dietetic and continental cuisine. He worked in restaurants and starred hotels and at Résidences Céline Hôtel in Cotonou and Ketou. Curious and passionate, he takes up the challenge in 2016 of breaking with the classical path and becoming the entrepreneur of an ambitious project (CPET BIMA). I am proud to work with -Africa- Gastronomique.